About this site

This website was built in 2013 as a tribute to Dr. Thomas A. Harris and his bestseller I’m OK – You’re OK.  The site was built and is maintained by relatives of Dr. Eric Berne, whose psychoanalytic theory Transactional Analysis gave Harris the tools to write I’m OK – You’re OK.

Not a week goes by without some new “guru” or established figure releasing and promoting his or her latest “self-help” book. Figures such as Dr. Phil and Tony Robbins are nearly household names and have achieved celebrity status.  Other experts come and go with their methodologies becoming obsolete even quicker than a fad diet.  You can subscribe to email newsletters on how to improve yourself.   You can even follow Tony Robbin’s tweets on Twitter!

The two first self help books: Games People Play and I'm OK - You're OK

The first two “self help” books published: Games People Play in 1964 and I’m OK – You’re OK in 1969.

Unbeknownst to most Americans, the “self-help” movement was started back in the 1960s, first by Dr. Eric Berne with Games People Play in 1964 and then followed by I’m OK – You’re OK in 1969 by Dr. Harris.  The impact of these two books on society in the 1960s cannot be underestimated. But perhaps more importantly, today’s gurus owe most of their success to Dr. Berne and Dr. Harris.

This site, along with the more comprehensive www.ericberne.com website, serves to preserve the legacy of these two pioneers and to also promote Transactional Analysis, which is more popular today than it ever was.  This site was created Nicholas Berne Calcaterra, Eric Berne’s only blood grandson.  He is a dentist in Orange, CT  with a focus on IV Sedation,